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Marc Takeuchi - Seattle, WA

Marc Takeuchi

I'm a customer driven IT specialist with 15+ years experience in Web UI/UX design and development. Experience providing support in all aspects of the system development lifecycle excelling at the development of requirements/functional/business analysis and design. I've had the opportunity to work in large and small companies spending the bulk of my career in Information Technology at Boeing while also volunteering at small startups during the dot com boom. I work at the Seattle web design agency efelle creative and as of recent have entered the realm of online marketing and account management. I'm excited in creating partnerships and working with new and existing clients. Outside of work I'm a bonafied gym junkie, foodie and connoisseur of craft beers.

This is version 5.0 which was first launched back in 1999. Bamboo Digital comes from the Japanese/Hawaii culture combined with my passion for digital media design and technology. The original purpose of the site was to showcase my work in graphic and web design, however now it's all about simplicity and a place where folks can learn more about me.

"The key to success is not focusing on the pot of gold, but the next step in the process. It's all about execution!" - Marc Takeuchi, GO COUGS!!
UX/UI Design
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Online Marketing Consultant


Seattle Web Design
efelle creative

Location: Seattle, WA
Date: Oct 2017 to Present

Position: Account Manager
marc@efelle.com | 206.384.4909
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Manage new and existing clients projects working closely with the client in documenting requirements and collaborating on solutions while creating a long term relationship. Coordinate with the design, development, content and online marketing teams to ensure requirements and timelines are met for their project specifications. Maintain close communication through each phase of the lifecycle to ensure the project stays on track with no disruptions with the timeline.

On top of my account management role, I'm still helping out with the other teams (front-end development, sales/marketing, app development, support) as-needed. It's a nice mix and keeps me on my toes!

"No progress is made in your comfort zone"
efelle creative

Location: Seattle, WA
Date: Feb 2016 to Sept 2017

Position: Business Development / Sr. Font-End Developer

Create partnerships with new clients by analyzing current website needs and requirement to help boost their online presence. Engage, collaborate and develop recommendations to help improve overall design, user experience and content optimization. Work with the client, account managers, web designers and developers making sure requirements and expectations remain in sync throughout the project lifecycle.

Along with creating new partnerships, my other responsibility is keeping current relationships intact with our long-term clients. I do this by communicating company news and system upgrades as well as important trends and changes in SEO.

Update (04.01.17) - I'm back! On top of my consulting duties, I'm also helping the production team with front-end development. As they say, you can take the kid out of dev, but you can't take the dev out of the kid. To be honest, I'm having a blast being able to meet with clients while keeping my hands dirty in code. Best of both worlds!

efelle creative

Location: Seattle, WA
Date: May 2010 to Feb 2016

Position: Sr. Front-End Developer

Senior Front End Web Developer integrating efelle media's CMS (Content Management System) modules into our customer web page templates along with custom web design and social media branding and integration. Responsible for training and mentoring the analysts and interns in content entry/formatting along with work-flow processes and unit testing. Also responsible for setting up, configuring and documenting the development and production server hosting environments which include MySQL, DNS, SSL and email configuration (G Suite). Provide 24/7 support working one-on-one with customers gathering requirements and developing solutions using web best practices and standards. Monitor and troubleshoot technical support tickets along with completing custom work orders. Create and document internal processes and procedures.

Provide complete customer training for all our CMS modules as well as SEO and strategic Online Marketing consultation. I primarily work with HTML/HTML5/CSS3, Git, Gulp, Bootstrap 3, Sass, PHP5, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Beanstalk, Plesk and cPanel, Kayako Support Suite. Tools include Adobe CS5 Suite, Sublime Text 3, TextMate, and Heidi SQL/Sequel Pro.

The Boeing Company

EO&T IT Business Systems
Location: Bellevue, WA
Date: May 2009 to May 2010

Position: Web Developer/Analyst

Support Shared Services Group (SSG) - Boeing Commute Office providing web development, database reporting and design, functional analysis, requirements analysis and configuration management for the Transportation Resource Assistance Management System (TRAMS) system.

Collaborate with customers one-on-one in refining the application/system architecture. Wrote documentation of the system modules and processes to help develop solutions and pinpoint current deficiencies. Documentation included process diagrams, wireframes, conceptual and technical models of both the database and application components. Integrate and align business processes to the system functions. Design and develop automated tasks/procedures in the database and web server to simplify manual reporting processes. Create ad hoc queries from teradata (EPDW) to generate weekly/monthly reports for the commute focals as well as WageWorks (Boeing vendor). Technical lead for the annual Enterprise, El Segundo and Mesa commute web surveys automating the email distribution, data collection and reporting to WSDOT, Los Angeles Metro Transit and Maricopa County.

Technology used:
SQL 2001/2005, Oracle, Teradata, ColdFusion 8, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SourceSafe, Visio.

Key Achievments:

  • Re-architected and successfully implemented automated processing of WageWorks participant data for the Commuter System reports (Incentive monthly totals and alternate commute modes).

  • Instrumental in the development and architecture of the new TRAMS Pre-Tax web tool building in automated back-end tasks in support of the St. Louis, Chicago and Wash DC commute offices.

  • Led the successful completion and implementation of the TRAMS Parking module(s) enhancement effort providing database and web development along with business systems analysis and configuration management support between the customer and development team.

The Boeing Company

EO&T Computing & Network Operations
Location: Bellevue
Date: 1999 to May 2009

Position: Web Developer/Analyst

Designed and developed dynamic data driven websites integrating e-enabled solutions for the overall Computing &Network Operations organization. Developed and planned information architecture, database design and content management strategies focusing heavily on usability. Worked closely with customers in all realms of the system development (AD&S) lifecycle creating documentation, wireframing and designing prototypes of the web application UI/UX interfaces. Participated on company-wide web and IT teams (Web Working Group, CNO eBusiness).

Technology used:
ColdFusion, SQL 2001/2005, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Visio w/FLEX UI Stencils, WSSO, Fireworks/Photoshop, SourceSafe. 2001/2005, Oracle, Teradata, ColdFusion 8, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SourceSafe, Visio.

Key Achievements:

  • Led the efforts in consolidating our director-level organization's 45 2nd-level and 1-level web sites into a functional based CMS (Content Management System) saving the organization $90,000/yr in web server space, while providing a one-stop-shop approach to our organization's products and services.

  • Showcased and demonstrated our CMS tool across CNO and successfully re-used and implemented our solution to other organizations throughout the CNO community.

  • Participated and collaborated with web focals across CNO in creating the branding of what have become the CNO web standards and successfully implemented these to all 2nd and 1st – level management web sites

  • Led the successful implementation of WSSO (Web Single Sign On) authentication into all our web applications.

The Boeing Company

Computing & Network Operations
Location: Renton
Date: 1996 to May 1998

Position: Desktop Support/Workload Manager

Responsible for managing daily computing help tickets supporting 4000 employees within the Renton domain. Teamed and coordinated with the LAN, UNIX, and PC desktop technicians ensuring tickets were completed within the required timeframe. Represented our group on the Boeing Action Request System (BARS) deployment team leading our work cell to a successful implementation of the tool. Designed and maintained group web site.


Areas or Expertise

  • Account Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Development
  • SEO Strategy
  • Web UX/UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-End Web Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • PSD/HTML Conversion

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript, SQL, PHP

Web Hosting, Domain, DNS, SSL, G Suite (formally Google Apps)

Adobe CC (PS,FW), Sublime Text, Git, HeidiSQL, Sequel Pro, cPanel, Plesk, Domain/DNS, BigCommerce, Beanstalk, Office 365, Paymo, Trello, Toggl, Basecamp, Google (Analytics, Tag Manager, Webmaster Tools)

Dreamweaver, Flash, ColdFusion, Oracle, Teradata, TextMate, MS SQL, Oracle SQL Dev, Teradata SQL Assistant, Visual Source Safe



MBA, Information Systems
City University

Graduate Certificate, Information Systems
City University

Adobe Flex & ColdFusion series,
SQL 2008 & Oracle Series

UC Irvine Extension

BFA, Graphic Media/Design
Washington State University (GO COUGS!)


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