- Career changes in 2016

Making moves in 2016

I’ve been in web development for the past 15 years. Over that time I had the opportunity to experience a variety of customer interfacing roles. In a perfect project scenario you have a team composed of a project manager, business analyst as well as various architects (database, system, etc.) all working cohesively. I’ve worked on many projects like these, however due to budget constraints there were times when myself and co-developers had to put on these hats. One of these roles that I really enjoyed was that of a business analyst. Some of these roles were actually a hybrid of a few different analyst roles (business, system, functional), Working with customers to define requirements and processes for new applications or enhancements to an existing one was a great experience. I’ve always been a people person with a passion for technology. At my current company I’ve also worn multiple hats on top of my main web developer role. These include customer training and support along with supporting our account manager and designers with technical questions. I’ll be transitioning into sales and marketing which I’m super excited for! I’ll be able to work with potential clients to understand their business needs and goals in hopes of creating new partnerships.

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