- Happy New Year 2018!

On to a new year!

Hope everyone had a Happy Holidays! Wow, another year has gone by, where did it go? Hahaha. I say this every year, but it's the truth. Life seems to fly by the older I get. Anyhow, lot to reflect on this past year. We had a lot of changes and challenges (from any previous year) at the company that tested all of us, but through it all we'll make us a much smarter and stronger company moving forward in the new year and beyond. As anyone knows though you learn the most through the trials on your journey in life and career. On an individual note, my responsibilities changed a couple different times this past year keeping my "rover" role at the company. Being a senior employee here (going on 9 years) it comes with the territory. Definitely kept me on my toes, but having had the opportunity throughout my 20+ years career to have worked in the various areas of web, I can easily help out all teams as-needed. Front-end development, Business Development, Project Management, it's all fun to me. For now, I'm focusing my attention to Account Management and am enjoying it!

As far as personal goals for the year, nothing too drastic then the previous years. Definitely keep up my training at gym and hope to bike more and get more rounds of golf in. Definitely more golf! Lol. Career-wise, I've been studying more on SEO and trends in Google Analytics data tracking. Other than that we'll see what's in store!


- Marc

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